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My Hair Adventures.


As most big changes in my life, this one started with a really bad hair cut. I had long full hair and one day I decided to go to Super Cuts and get a fun new haircut. That day changed the way I see my hair to this day. I realized ,after crying my eyes out, that hair is hair and it will always grow back. Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way.

I got interested in having two hair colors in my hair at the time. I’ve always dreamed about having blue highlights but it never worked out. So, I thought of a way to color my hair and keep it to low key enough not to cause a scene. I had my sister, Master colorist, bleach only a bottom layer of my hair starting behind my ears. Later, i found that it wasn't enough and extend the layer around to near my temples.



I kept it blonde for a while hoping that if I bleached it enough it would get to the color white. Unfortunately, I have naturally dark brown hair and I couldn’t reach that goal without greatly damaging my hair.

Through some random idea, I decided to dye it pink. That’s where the colors really started. My first try at color was with a brand called Beyond The Zone - Color Jamz. You can tell it’s a bad choice by the jelly-like consistency of the color. It barely kept the pink.

A few days later, I used a brand called Raw - Cotton Candy Pink. I used the same color many times after that. Always rebleaching my roots and then coloring pink.

I’ve since then had many colors and finally changed brands and use Manic Panic. They have the best punk colors. I’ve had Blood Red, Purple, and Rainbow.

Rainbow by far is the most exciting one. I’ve done it twice. The first session was with 5 colors coordinated around my head.


Shocking™ Blue Electric Banana™Electric Lava™ Electric Lizard™ Hot Hot™ Pink

All by Manic Panic.

The second time around I did it with 4 colors. Excluding only the yellow since I found that it always got contaminated with the other colors in the regular washing.

The placement of the pink and blue creates the purple effect usually showing in the front.

Not sure what else I’m planning soon. I’m up for any suggestions.

New Reads

I saw a post on ONTD on a book called Wicked Lovely.

I'm thinking about reading it. Even if everyone says how annoying it is.

Lets see how it goes O_O

The purpose for my journal

I've been reading ONTD for the last two years. It wasn't till recently that i decided i would like to comment of post subjects too. Unfortunately, by that time it wasn't open for members anymore. I'm now hoping that length of account registration will help me out.

I'm willing to make a donation to a foundation for a membership. I promise I'm not a bot, or troll, or....Oo what else is there?

I play well with others lol

Oh glorious